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Fair Business, Fair World

Fair Business, Fair World

YOU-I was formed in 2006 as an international exchange group in Ishikawa, Japan. It was incorporated as a non-profit organisation in 2008. People in Ishikawa with high language ability are assets to the region. Our main goals are to provide initiatives that promote foreign resident participation in the community, and local internationalisation.

With the motto of "Fair Business, Fair World", we have built strong trust with like-minded people around the world by placing the utmost importance on interpersonal relationships, without discrimination based on nationality or race. We provide high-quality, diverse services built upon on our domestic and overseas networks.

The YOU-I Glocal* Network
Connecting people.

The YOU-I Glocal Network

Our Glocal Companies:


YOU-I BANGKOK (Est. Aug 2019)


YOU-I SHANGHAI (Est. May 2020)


YOU-I BALI (Est. Mar 2023)


YOU-I HANOI (Scheduled 2024)

We plan to gradually expand the YOU-I Glocal Network to Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, and elsewhere. (Current as of February 2023)
* "Glocal" is the combination of global and local. It means "think globally, act locally".

"Our multi-cultural & multi-language community is an asset"

Kazuo Yamada, CEO

Diverse personnel & structure

Our multi-cultural and multi-language community was built by our non-profit activities. It’s our biggest strength.

Multi-language interpretation & translation

Our translators reside in Ishikawa Prefecture. They are both knowledgable about the area and can provide translations that are easy to understand for native speakers.

Foreign worker introductions & support

We help create a happy workplace for foreign workers and their companies. We also help them live a happy life in Japan.

Tourism & trade

By utilising the YOU-I Glocal Network, we can fulfil a range of customers' tourism and trade needs.

Innovative, tailor-made services

YOU-I can provide these services as a complete package. By integrating different business fields, we can produce new innovation. For example, by integrating interpretation, sightseeing, and employment support services, we can provide unique packages such as [company tours + sightseeing + certification exam support] for foreigners who wish to work in Japan.

Tailored support
with a global perspective

The YOU-I Glocal Network is comprised of the knowledge and experience of its members, built up over many years. We will help you solve your international business problems.







YOU-I's Strength

YOU-I is made up of various people. A range of nationalities, languages and cultures is our most important strength. Meet a few of our members below.


Nationality: Russian
In Japan since: April 2007
Languages: Russian, Japanese, English
Jobs: Japanese teacher, tourist guide, interpreter, cooking advisor


Nationality: Australian
In Japan since: April 2014
Languages: English, Japanese
Jobs: Project manager, translator, web developer, English teacher


Nationality: Thai
In Japan since: April 2007
Languages: Thai, Japanese, English
Jobs: Foreign worker supporter, Japanese teacher, tourist guide, interpreter, cooking teacher

Saw Wah Wah

Nationality: Myanmarese
In Japan since: June 2005
Languages: Myanmarese, Japanese
Jobs: Traditional crafts, translation


Nationality: Indonesian
In Japan since: Sep 2000
Languages: Indonesian, Japanese, English
Jobs: Foreign worker supporter, Japanese teacher, interpreter


Do you need help with the following?


Technical intern trainees cannot speak Japanese


Japanese lessons provided in trainees’ native language, and introduction to workers that can speak Japanese

Due to the labour shortage, many companies have employed technical intern trainees. But they are now experiencing problems because the trainees cannot speak Japanese. YOU-I provides Japanese language education for trainees in their native language. In addition to everyday conversation and work-related language, we also teach trainees about Japanese culture and manners. Furthermore, by utilising our overseas partner networks, we can also introduce your company to reliable workers who can already speak Japanese.


Our company wants to expand overseas, however the language barrier and a lack of local connections prevents this


Utilise YOU-I’s overseas network and remove the language barrier via YOU-I’s 16-language capability 

Due to the shrinking of domestic markets, the number of businesses wishing to expand overseas is increasing. However, communication with overseas businesses is daunting due to the language barrier and a lack of overseas contacts. Please leave such problems to YOU-I. We can deliver high-quality customised services at a reasonable cost via our trusted overseas partners, with a quick turnaround time. YOU-I interpreters (16 languages) will assist your business with foreign communication, so you can relax and focus on other important things.


Technical intern trainee staff turnover is too high


YOU-I’s worker-company matching tours and the creation of win-win relationships

The Specified Skilled Worker System stipulates that a technical intern trainee’s salary must match that of a Japanese worker’s, and that transferring between jobs is possible. Therefore, if working conditions are not satisfactory, trainees can leave. For this reason, confirming worker-company compatibility in advance is now essential in order to decrease the staff turnover rate. YOU-I’s matching tours include visits to your company, sightseeing, and the technical intern training test, helping you to secure motivated staff. Furthermore, YOU-I can also assist in creating a relaxing work environment for both your company and foreign workers, and helping foreign workers live a fulfilling life in Japan.

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Connecting The World

The YOU-I Glocal Network can help you find a solution for a range of business needs, not only those shown above. Please feel free to contact us.


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